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Okay, there is a real reason as to why I am no longer updating the page. I dropped out of school, and into this total downward spiral. It felt like nothing I did was good enough, I am working at a Kmart right now, and it just felt like I was never going to be the same person. But of course, there is a hero in this story. His name is Lee, and he is just the greatest person. Falling for him made me think that maybe all was not lost and maybe I could return to being the person I thought I was. Oh, the real reason for no updates is that since I'm not at school, I don't have easy acess to a computer.

I still write poetry, although there has been a drought as of late. Chill out, all you fans of my meandering thoughts. I'll have some more up at Poetic Nonsense. So anyways, don't let me bring you down. Hop on back to the creek and *kiss blown* tell your friends!

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