French 102 Blues

Sitting here is torture

The atmosphere spells doom

I'd rather swallow broken glass

Than be trapped in this classroom

Yeah I got the blues

Oh I got the blues

Spring Break is yesterday's news

I got those French 102 Blues

The professor is so boring

No emotions at all

It would probably be more interesting

To stare at my dorm room wall!

I got the blues

Oh I got the blues

(You know I do)

I got the

French 102 blues

I'm wasting my time here

Learning language I'll never use

I want to be anywhere but here

So I'll slip on my walking shoes

So many facts

People, places and things

Historical monuments,

Palaces and kings

You'd think that I'd be interested

I like all that cultural stuff

But please get me out

'Cause I've had more than enough!

I got the blues

Learning things I'll never use

But this is what happens when you get the

French 102 blues

French 102 blues

The one-oh-two blues

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