Forever is a collection of moments

Technically we already have forever.

But technicality is irrelevent.

Still hoping for a miracle

Someone tell me this is all a dream

I plunge from the highest of highs

To the blackest pits of despair.

No hand to cling to

No arms to catch me

Living for a look, a smile, a touch

Without them my world shrivels

Dying from lack of those nourishments

The last few breaths

My love is nearly dead

And like a small sun

You come back

And I revive

Healthy and whole

Until the next time

But now revival is out

It's been gone too long.

God how I wanted to believe

In the never-ending, everlasting

Forever green in spring love you spoke of

How was I to know that forever

Was only valid as long as I was beautiful?

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