The Break

Usually it is spinning with thoughts and emotions.

Today it is completely lucid.

My mind has caught on to what my heart has known for some time.

It's over.

I can't really pinpoint when it happened...

It just did.

I got tired, bored and your careless ways irritated me.

I got sick of sitting there for nothing.

And you expected me to be ecstatic when I did see you.

But why should I be?

To be euphoric over an hour a week (at the most) is the height of idiocy.

But I was...

For a time.

Now I'm sick of it.

And you.

You don't have the courage to tell me to my face.

And that's fine.

If I were to see you again,

I would weaken and beg you to stay.

So stay away.

Leave me alone.

Give me time to come to grips with this.

A century or two should suffice.

I don't need you.

I did love you...

But that's dead.

I'll get over it.

And I hope you do too...

That's a lie.

I hope you're suffering

The way I was at first.

A wry smile twists my face at the thought.

I know that if anyone suffers,

It will be me.

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