I think the title says it all. Anyways, this episode begins with all six of our friends in Capeside. They are gathered in Dawsons room watching a movie. Dawson comments on the humor of the six of them being in the same room at the same time. If I recall correctly, that hasn't happened since "Sex, She Wrote"...but to get back to the episode, Joey and Andie have polar views on the sixsome's current clique status. Andie thinks it's like St. Elmos Fire (I've never seen it either), to which Joey adds "St. Elmos from hell." I agree with Andie more or less. Jen says, "We are a long way from Beverly Hills 90210-land of best-friends forever" But, as Pacey pointed out, there has been alot of hanging out going on...well, not really, but it seems that way doesn't it? Anyway, Pacey drives his point home by saying "We are this far away from the Peach Pit." Which sets off a pillow fight.

Okay, next day. We are at the school and Andie comes walking up with her new do. Woah! Its dark brown with a sort of violet undertone. Pacey seemes kind of shocked which makes Andie mad. She seems kind of hyper-sensitive today. To take away some tension, Pacey tries to make plans of dinner and a movie with her, but Andie won't hear of it.