The Perfect Wedding

The long-awaited new episode was a bit of a let-down for me. I guess it's because, after waiting so long for it, to see business nearly as usual for the Capesiders, it was just kind of anti-climatic. But enough about me. Joey's dad, Mike, is back in Capeside, and that presents a problem for Ms. Potter. She is torn between being over-joyed that he is back, and being apprehensive over the whole deal. Especially when Mike wants to get the Icehouse into the catering business, the first job being a wedding. So anyway, Jack and Joey round up Dawson, Andie and Pacey to act as servers for the affair, which doesn't go as smoothly as planned (or hoped). In the midst of an argument over Andie's cynicism towards weddings, she accidently sends the top of the wedding cake flying to the floor. Oops.

And as if there weren't enough problems so far, it appears the bride is having second thoughts about her impending marriage. She has locked herself away and it takes the combined efforts of Dawson and Jack to get her to agree to come out. Well, it's really more Jack's doing than anything else, but let's not get anal. Also, Dawson's parents have this little problem with their marriage (yeah, like you didn't know that already). As soon as Gail decides to get Mitch back, he decides to get a new girlfriend. And who is that you ask? Well, it is none other than Dawson's new film teacher, the one who basically told him his film was a piece of crap. And if that wasn't enough, Joey makes the mistake about voicing her fears about her dad to her sister, and her dad overhears everything. Oops. Maybe Miss Potter should be a little more discreet, yeah?

The rest of Capeside (you know, the outcasts), namely Jen and Abby, are searching for a way to enliven their lives. Abby has the bright idea of getting all dressed up and crashing the wedding, and Jen, possibly just eager for something better to do, agrees. They go and who should discover their...shall we say, inebriated condition, but Andie McPhee. Well, anyway, she kicks them out, but Abby manages to grab a champagne bottle on the way out, giggling, "For the road...buh-bye!" She and Jen go stumbling off to the docks, leaving the people in peace.

Back to the wedding, where Dawson has come upon Joey, who is crying over the heartless words she aimed at her father. He comforts her, tells her it will be okay and she decides to sort of confront her father over what she said. They have a lovely father and daughter talk that clears the air between them.

Pacey has worked a miracle and the previously destroyed cake top now looks as good as it did before. (applause) Then the scene shifts back to Capeside's two little she-devils. Abby and Jen are talking about how completely bogus the idea of marriage is (with which I heartily agree) and Abby hits her head on a pole and topples into the water. Jen, in a brave moment, dives in after her.

Back at the blissfully unaware wedding, everyone is dancing. As an aside, I think this is the sweetest scene in the entire episode. It made me misty-eyed, even though I usually don't cry at these sort of scenes. Pacey and Andie, Mitch and "that woman," Gail and Dawson and... Joey and her dad??? Yes, Mike has cleaned up his outfit and father and daughter are dancing to "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk. (This song is on the soundtrack, which is really awesome. I recommmend it highly) Pacey and Andie have a cute wedding conversation, in which she tells him the should get married in Venice. Hmm, could this be some sort of set-up? Anyway, Dawson and Mike trade partners, at Mike's insistence, and Joey proclaims her love for Dawson. (Does anyone else out there think they will get back together?) They kiss and things seem to be ending on a happy note...

But what's this? The scene cuts to the docks, where the paramedics are zipping Abby Morgan into a bodybag! Jen stands alone crying and the scene fades out.

What's going to happen next? Tune in on Wednesday and you'll find out. I know I'm going to!

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