High Risk Behavior

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Make love, not war seems to be the theme of this one. Kinda proven by the opening scene between Dawson and Pacey. Oh my gosh, when I saw this scene, my jaw was on the floor! I could not stop laughing when I saw that they were just rehearsing Dawson's new script. Hey, what is it with having Joshua Jackson playing these gay parts? Like in Cruel Intentions? Oh well anyway, getting back to the episode, the whole questions of why the main characters in the script don't have sex keeps coming up. I am curious about that myself. Sure, Dawson wants to make the less obvious choice and have his characters not have sex, but come on. In the real world, sex sells. And with Dawson's remarkable powers of insight, he should know that.

I seem to be babbling much more than usual, so I will continue with the show. Anyway, the next day or whatever, Jen, Dawson's replacement producer for Joey, who is much too busy with her art and whatever to produce, is handing out fliers for auditions for the movie. He asks her to give a flier to this "Tom Hanks" sort of guy, but she resists, saying everyone casts Tom Hanks and for Dawson to make the "less obvious choice." Something for Dawson to think about hmm?

Not to change scenes or anything, but Pacey has just come up to Andie and gives her his HIV test results. They are negative, and I personally think it was very responsible him to get tested in the first place. They have "the sex talk" then and there and Pacey tells Andie there is no need to rush any um, "scrumping" was the word he used, I do believe.

Andie: But if it were the right time and place, you would want to, right?
Pacey: Oh, hell yes!

Cut to Joey who is working on a sketch of (*gasp*) a nude man. Oh, my virgin eyes! Dawson comes up to her with his movie fliers and asks what she is doing. They talk about what they are both involved in at the moment in a well-adjusted ex-boyfriend-girlfriend sort of way, but then Joey notices that Jen is handing out fliers too. Hmm, is that envy we see on Little Joey Potter's face? I wonder. Well, now a cut to Capeside's own Abby Morgan, Satan's favorite helper. She is walking down the hall when her little boy-toy Chris comes along with a flier for Dawson's movie. It would appear he is interested in reading for it in hopes he will become famous because of it (delusions of grandeur). She laughs at him and disappears into the little girls' room.

And we go back to Joey, who is still toiling over her drawing. Jack comes up from behind her with a shake (you can just hear the uh-oh there) and takes a look at her drawing. He says she has done a really good job with the shading and, um, proportion, and as he reaches out to point at something, he knocks his shake over, spilling it on the drawing, thus completely ruining it. Oops. Joey, of course, wigs out on him and stomps off.

Auditions are not going as well as they could be with Dawson. We see many youngsters trying out, but none of them really "click." They are either way too large for the part (and I don't mean like fat or anything) or not large enough. The ditzy looking girl and football player guy are my personal favorites.

Dawson and Jen are not the only ones with problems at the moment. Joey is still freaked about her ruined drawing. Jack walks up and asks if she can fix it, but the thing is beyond repair. So Jack, the gallant knight, offers to pose for Joey in the buff so she won't fail the assignment. Isn't that sweet of him? Joey, of course, vetoes the suggestion but Jack persuades her to let him pose. Finally, she agrees. "Well, I guess the male form is just the male form" And its a date for tomorrow evening.

Cut to Andie, who is in the drugstore, picking up a prescription. And then her gallant knight Pacey just happens to walk in behind her. She tried to play off her little bag of pils, but he takes them anyway. When he discovers it is ZanX, a drug for severe depression and anxiety, Andie nervously explains that it is for her mother. (Does anyone else not buy this?) Well, Pacey buys it and she changes the subject, asking what he is doing there. This is the conversation. I have to put it in because it seems so fitting. Andie: What are you doin' here?
Pacey: Nothing, um, just picking up some stuff.
Andie: In the, uh, condom section?
Pacey: (laughs)I had no idea!
(Andie gives him a look)
Pacey: How odd. You don't think this is a sign, do you? Like the love gods are trying to help us out or...
Andie: No, I think that would be you.
Pacey: I'm just engaging in a little innuendo hoping that someday it will lead to something a little more tangible.
Andie: Hey, I'm all for discovery the...physical side of Pacey Witter, I just don't know that I'm entirely prepared yet.
Pacey: Well, hey (hands her a box of condoms), be prepared.
Andie: Hey. Designed for that woman's extra pleasure. Yeah...how would they know?
Pacey: Maybe they're designed by women.
Andie: Oh. Good point. So, uh, should we get some?
Pacey: (surprised) What?
Andie: Well, you're right. We should be prepared. In case that mood strikes and we'll be ready.
Pacey: Are you being serious?
Andie: Yeah, we might as well have them on stand by. I mean, we can be adults about this...
Pacey: You're serious.

Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. But leaving the two lovebirds, we now cut back to Dawson and Jen at auditions. Chris actualy got Abby to read with him and they are going through the scene. Chris is doing surprisingly well, but he and Abby, like everyone else, wonder why the two main characters never get together sexually. It's pretty clear Dawson's patience is wearing thin on the subject, so Chris and Abby continue with the scene up until the kiss. Abby flips when she feels Chris' tounge in her mouth and rushes of stage. Chris bows and the scene shifts to Pacey and Andie again. They are outside of the drugstore right after their little "condom talk" and she is telling him about her fantasy night for losing her virginity, which involves a French dinner, stroll by the dock, room in a bed and breakfast, with lavender candles and Frank Sinatra as the mood setters. Pacey looks a little nervous about it and jokes, " Schedule in bathroom breaks, or does the poor guy have to hold it all evening?" Andie gets defensive and retorts, " I'm sorry, but deciding to lose my virginity is a huge deal, ok? I mean, I didn't hold onto it for 16 years just to lose it in one drunk fleeting moment in some skanky back seat of a late model American car, ok?" To which smartass Pacey replies, "Damn! Somebody's leaking all my best lovemaking secrets." This scene is pretty much laden with innuendo throughout, but the innuendo is one of cutest parts of Pacey and Andie's relationship, which by the way seems to be pregressing pretty fat. I mean, it seems like they just started going out and they are talking about sex already? I guess it isn't the amount of time that matters though. It is the quality.

Anyway, to get back to Jen and Dawson, they are finished with the auditions for the day and Jen compares Dawson and Joey's relationship in the script to the auditions. Dawson isn't too happy about her reference to his script being autobiographical and they get into the whole "why don't they do it" talk again. Jen makes the point about "who says sex can't be romantic?" and Dawson thinks about that for awhile.

Cut to Joey, who is laying out her art stuff, waiting for her model to come out. He does, naked except for the towel around his hips and positions himself on the couch. Joey doesn't look like she's going to make it, and Jack tells her that they can stop at any time. But she carries on like a trouper, that is until Jack makes some remark about how comfortable they will be with each other after this and she tells him to just get dressed and leave. As she does this, she accidentily knocks her easel over. Jack gets up to catch it and his towel falls off. Joey stares at his, um, you know for a second then looks away. Hey, since she's seen "it," there is no reason why he shouldn't stay and they continue with the drawing.

A couple of scenes flash showing Dawson and Jen walking along on the docks and Pacey and Andie eating in a French restaurant. Gee, wonder where that date is heading. Then it comes full circleback to Jack and Joey. The drawing is coming along okay from what we can see and they are talking about sex. Jack reveals that he isn't a virgin and in between cuts back and forth between these two and Dawson and Jen, who are discussing the auditions and their previous relationship. Joey asks him to describe what sex is like, not the details or anything, just the feelings. And this is what he says.

"Well...at first, it's all a jumble of emotions. Uh, it's hard to pinpoint. It's...it's kind of like expressionistic painting. But, you know, if you get comfortable with it, it's...it's like the first time you see Van Gogh's "Starry Night." It's the same sky you've always seen, but everything...is different. Bigger. More passionate. The blues, the yellows, the swirling stars. Everything has feeling, movement. Even the colors seem alive. It's like...lying on Monet's water lilies. It's the warmth of a Georgia o'Keefe flower wrapped around you... feeling everything so intensely. It's the power and strength of a Degas dancer, it's the passion of...Munch's "Scream," the..." The phone cuts him off and you can probably guess what was going on with him, um "down there."

But um, as for the couple on the date in the restaurant, well, after a moonlit stroll on the docks, where do you suppose they are? You guessed it. A bed and breakfast. Hmm...Andie seems kind of nervous about the whole thing but Pacey explains that he wasn't trying to rush her or anything, he just wanted to give her her fantasy evening. (Someone tell me where to find a guy like him) This is the sweetest scene for me in this whole episode. Andie tells him that she's sorry, but she isn't ready and Pacey tells her "Why? Don't worry. It's no big deal. I told you. We can wait. Honestly...I think I brought you here tonight as much for me as I did for you. I just wanted to give you your fantasy evening, you know, so...please don't be upset with me. You have no idea what you've done for me, just being in my life. I mean, you make me feel like maybe there's hope for my pathetic existence, and I don't have to sleep with you to feel that. I feel it right now, just holding you in my arms. God, I am so lucky." (*sniff* I need a tissue) They start making out and the scene switches to Dawson, who is doing a rewrite of his script.

Joey and Jack are finished and their newfound relationship is progressing. They talk about what happens and Jack tells Joey of his feelings for her. The two of them start kissing too and we go back to Dawson, who is climbing through Jen's window. She is lying in bed and what do you think they start doing?

Meanwhile, Pacey and Andie are still in the bed and breakfast. They are getting sort of hot and heavy, then Pacey pulls away and tells Andie he doesn't want to go further. She protests, saying that she might be ready, but he still resists. He tells her to take all the time she needs, because when she is really ready, he'll be there. Andie: There you go again, Pacey. Just making me want to do it even more.
(they kiss)
Pacey: Mmm...it's all part of my evil plan.
Andie: Mmm.
Pacey: Come on. I'll drive you home.

A montage of scenes play on the screen. Joey and Jack, Dawson and Jen are still making out.Pacey and Andie exit the bed and breakfast and walk to Pacey's car.

This is all very sweet and romantic, but we all know that can't last long on T.V. What is going to happen next? There will definitely be some reprecussions. But for who?

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