Full Moon Rising

There's a moon out tonight. This is one of the better points of Pacey and Andie's budding relationship, but it is also the one where Dawson and Joey's relationship starts to break. Anyway, it starts out with Dawson and Joey sitting out side of his room, admiring the moon. It's not supposed to be completely full until the next day, and Joey is a little apprehensive about it. Everything goes haywire on a full moon, and it is going to be proven in this episode.

Mitch is stil playing with the idea of buying Tamara's warehouse so he can start his business, and Vincent and Jen are still flirting around, sans Jen's evil half (Abby). She agrees to show him around Capeside and we switch to Pacey and Andie in the video store. McPhee is picking up a video and the Hepburn and Tracy of Capeside decide to go to the movies on a date. They dicuss where to meet (Andie does't want him anywhere near her house for some reason) and she settles on the Icehouse while he is pretty much confused about their meeting place. Hmm...now this looks like a setup for disaster.

Back to Jen, who has now been joined by Abby. Abby asks for Jen's forgiveness for calling her a desperate loser before. Jen forgives and tells her about her date with Vincent. To put it mildly, Abby has a cow and accuses Jen of stealing Vincent from her. Jen points out that he doesn't even know Abby exists and Abby makes a few unfair comments about Jen's expertise, to which Jen replies by slapping Abby and walking off. Oh well, so much for girl friends.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Gail Leery are still playing with this whole "open marriage" routine, which I personally find tacky and stupid. Gail is having a visiting reporter over for dinner and Mitch isn't quite enthralled with the prospect. She takes a couple of cheap shots at his lack of employment, all in front of Dawson and Joey, I might add. They have had enough so Joey leaves, telling Dawson not to worry, it's the fault of the full moon.

Anyway, to complicate things further between the Leerys, Tamara shows up to talk to Mitch about her warehouse. Gail is not happy about this, but what can she say with her own guest sitting right there?

And speaking of complications, Joey and Jack are at the Icehouse, catering to a lone customer who doesn't seem to be doing anything but sitting there. Jen and Vince are still on their date, making a move towards actual intimacy, and then we find ourselves back in the happy world of the Leerys. Gail and Mitch are still entertaining their guests, seperately of course, but then find themselves getting into yet another argument over their marriage. They just can't take the fact that they are jealous over the situation they both created. Dawson has been sent up to his room and who does he find in there? Abby!

Cut to the McPhee's house, where but who should be standing at the door but Pacey. Andie's mom answers the door and Pacey finds himself entering the wacky world of the McPhees. Andie's mom tells him about how Andie is so "taken with [him]" and how he has to stay to meet Mr. McPhee and Andie's older brother Tim. Tim is upstairs, presumably listening to headphones, so Mrs. McPhee tells Pacey to stay for dinner and finish setting the table while she goes to get Tim. (This is where "The Twilight Zone" music should start playing)

At the Icehouse, Joey and Jack are still waiting for the lone customer to leave so they can close up, but then the lights go down and (oh my gosh!) the lobster tank pump goes out too! If thy can't rescue the poor lobsters to be saved for cooking, the Icehouse will lose money! So the rescue efforts begin, just when Andie comes strolling in. Hey, wait a sceond. Isn't Pacey supposed to be with her? Nope, 'cause he is at her house, waiting for her. Andie is completely upset about this unpleasant turn of events, and races out of the Icehouse to get Pacey away from her house and avoid certain embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Jen's date with Vincent is going rather well. They are getting to know each other and exchange secrets about their more embarrasing sexual encounters (the whole drag queen thing was hilarious). They start kissing and Abby yells out "Oh my God!" from Dawson's room. Yes, she is still there spying on Jen. She educates Dawson on why his parentsdivorcing would be a good thing, but he doesn't really share her opinion. She then tries to put the moves on him, but he isn't buying that either. So she asks him to make up a make out session between them to make Jen jealous. He knows Jen knows he would never do that and she says as she leaves, "Just, um, tell her that you and Joey have decided to have an open relationship and that you and I have hooked up. Very legit." Open, open, open...bells go off in Dawson's head. Now he knows what his parents are doing! So he goes downstairs to confront the two of them and we switch back to Jen's house. She and Vince are getting pretty hot and heavy, but then who should walk in but Jen's grandma! Major oops there. Vincent gets the ol' heave ho and he leaves.

Pacey and Andie's date isn't quite progressing as they would have wanted it to. Andie is upset that he is even at the house for some odd reason, and Pacey can't quite understand why. He likes her mom and really wants to meet Tim, but Andie is completely against the idea. Why? Because he's dead. Tim is dead.

And at the Icehouse, Joey and Jack are going to be dead if they don't save the lobsters. But luckily, the lone customer has a solution. Just unplug and re-plug the power source. Hey what do you know? It works! But when they turn around to thank him, he is gone. Oooh. But he leaves them a ...substantial tip and this piece of advice: "By moonlight many years ago my true love did I know, and by that moon I begged her wait but that night did she go. So, young lovers, heed my words, don't squander love away. The moon is changinger ever still, soon comes the light of day." Reeling from the impact of those scribbled words, Jack grabs Joey and kisses her. Looks like Dawson's Miss Perfect isn't quite so after all.

Speaking of Dawson, he is embroiled in a heavy conversation with his parents concerning their open marriage. He wants to know why they are doing it and so does Gail. Mitch can't really think of an answer, and Gail would love to debate the whole thing with him, but she wimps out and uses her guest as a cover. They are still hung up on the whole "I'm always supporting you" and "You have never supported me!" bits and when Mitch makes a remark about Gail's cheating on him and she leaves, Dawson turns to his dad and yells, " God, dad! You can't just let it go, can you? Look, she made a mistake alright? I know that, you know that, she knows that. She's been trying to get you to forgive her and you won't let her off the hook! You've got to...you've got to get beyond your own ego and just forgive her. Make the decision alright? Commit, forgive her, and then go in there and fix this family. Dad, you've got to fix this." Mitch tells Dawson that he just doesn't know how to fix it. His father taughthim everything but how to fix his marriage and Papa Leery breaks into tears. We all know Dawson isn't really one to hold a grudge, so he just kind of lays his hand on his dad's shoulder for comfort.

Jen's grandma is understandably peeved about Jen's little tabletop show and lets her know it. She orders Jen to stop her wild ways and asks "Have you no respect for yourself?" then leaves Jen to think about it.

Cut back to Joey, who has stepped out for some fresh air and is Joined by Dawson. she is still a little shaky after her and Jack's kiss, so she leaves with Dawson when Jack offers to close up for her.

Things with Pacey and Andie are coming to a head as she tells him of the day Tim died. Her mother was, unintentionally, at fault and has been lost in this fantasy world wher Tim is still alive ever since. This is when Pacey goes to embrace her and she pushes away, telling him she doesn't want his pity. But he wins out in the end.


At Dawson's house, Dawson and Joey are on his roof outside of his window, looking at the now full moon. He is still distraught over his parental problem and she is still a little off about the kiss. For a second, it looks like she is going to tell him about it, but decides not to. Mitch and Gail realize it is time for one of them to leave and Mitch says he will. This is unknown to Dawson, who is now crying on the roof. Joey pulls his head down to her shoulder and that is the end. I guess she was right about the moon. It certainly had an effect on Capeside.

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